Gear List

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well! I had a future thru-hiker ask for my gear list, so I decided to do an ‘update’ post with all of my gear changes.

When I weighed in at Amicalola Falls, with 2 liters of water (5 pounds) and food, my pack was at 33 pounds starting off. After a week on the trail, I went through a ‘Shake Down’ at Neel’s Gap. After a week of being on the trail at that point, I was desperate to lose some pack weight.The guy at the ) Outfitter went through everything in my pack and made suggestions for how I could get my pack weight down.  He helped me get rid of ‘duplicates’ and gave me ideas to re-purpose some things for multiple uses. He also had me get rid of all of my stuff sacks, and switch to ziplock bags. Though I was resistant at first, this was one of the best moves I made!

Ever after on my hike, I was always on the lookout for things I just wasn’t using EVERY DAY, and would send things back home if I found that was the case.

I also have to say (looking back) that the thing I most ‘over-packed’ was food. They say that you ‘over-pack’ your fear. Mine was fear of not having enough food. It was where most of my extra pack weight went. I always came into town with extra food.

I was very happy with all of my changes, and very happy with all of the equipment I ended with on my hike.

Everything in red is something I switched or added during my hike. Everything crossed out is something I sent home or left in a hiker box.

Without further ado, here is everything that I carried on my back during my thru-hike!


Backpack: Osprey Aura 65  ULA Circuit

Trekking Poles (Walmart Specials) – Had to replace one time with new Walmart Specials because the old ones were bent. See post here: (Wiiiillllsssooooooonnn!)

Tent: Big Agnes Copper Spur 2 – Bought the footprint to go with it a week into my hike

Sleeping Bag: Enlightened Equipment Revelation 20 degree quilt

Sleeping Bag Liner: Sea to Summit Thermolite Sleeping Bag Liner

Sleeping Pad: Therm-A-Rest Neo Air Women’s Sleeping Pad

Pillow: Thermarest Compressible Pillow

Shoes: Merrell Moab Ventilators

Cooking and Water Filtration

50 ft. Paracord for Hanging Bear Bag (Had to replace once, due to it being stuck on a branch.)

(Lost my rock bag, bought a Small zip purse to attach to Bear Bag line to hold rocks.)

Sea to Summit 20L Food Bag

Camp Stove: MSR Pocket Rocket  (Toaks Titanium Stove with wire mesh to hold pot.)

Small Fuel Canister (Denatured Alcohol or Heet-Kept in plastic coke bottle. Started with ‘Mini’ size, switched to 16 oz.)

Lighters (2) ( One kept with cooking stuff, the other kept with hygiene stuff in case other one got wet. Never had to use the extra lighter.)

Canister Stand

Evernew Titanium Cookware (1.3L + 0.65L ) Snow Peak Titanium Trek (.7 Liters)

Optimus Heat Freezer Bag Cozie

Titanium Spork (Switched out for plastic spoon. Didn’t like shape of the spork. Too big for my mouth.)

Gerber Knife

Sawyer Squeeze Filter w/Carrying Case

Sawyer Squeeze Bag (Had intended to use filter on smart water bottle or use the platypus.)

Platypus Big Zip LP 3-Liter Reservoir

1 Powerade Bottle for Water

1 (2 Liter Sized) Smart Water Bottle for Water

AquaMira Drops (Backup Water Purifier) 

Hygiene and Health

Tweezers and Nail Clipper (Kept in Mentos Container)

Razor for shaving legs

Stuff Sack for Toiletries

Stuff Sack for Potty things (T.P./Wet Wipes/Trowel)

P-Style F.U.D. with Carrying Case

First Aid Kit




Dr. Bonner Camp Soap (Kept but didn’t use.)

Wet Wipes

Toilet Paper

Deuce of Spades Trowel

Bandana (2) 3 – 1 for Pee, 1 for Cookware Cleanup, 1 for Bathing

Deet Spray

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste

Athelete’s Foot Cream


Contact Solution

Contact Case





Dental Floss


I-Phone (Plus Charger Cord)

1byOne Foldable Portable Keyboard (Plus Charger)

Delorme “In Reach” GPS Device (Plus Charger)

Kindle (Used this every night after I had it mailed to me.)

“My Charger” 6000 (Holds extra charge to charge I-phone, Inreach and Kindle.)

Charger Cord (for Kindle and Extra Charger)

Black Diamond Headlamp (No extra batteries, only changed batteries once toward the end of my hike, and that was as a safety precaution.)


Dry Bag for Clothes

Patagonia Midweight Long Underwear Bottoms (to wear under skirt on cold days.)

Cuddle Duds Top and Bottoms (Winter Sleeping/dry clothes)

2 Short Sleeved Shirts (One to Wear, One for Summer Sleeping to be sent later)

Purple Rain Hiking Skirt (Had to order smaller size.)

Marmot Precip Rain Jacket

Etowah Rain Skirt

Ex Officio Panties (2 Pair)

Bought (2) ‘Slip Shorts’ at Walmart. Synthetic material, much thinner than compression shorts. Used them under my skirt as underwear.

Champion Women’s Shape Too Sports Bra (1) (Had to replace once because it was starting to tear.)

Darn Tough Socks (2 Pair) (I hiked in one pair, and kept one pair dry at all times or for sleeping.)

Smart Wool PHD Ski Socks (1 Pair for Sleeping)  

Fleece Gloves

Winter Cap

Synthetic ‘Down’ Jacket

Fleece Jacket

REI Endeavor Hiking Pants

Mountain Hardwear Butter Zippity Pullover

Hippie Runner Headband

Camp Shoes: Hi Tec Waimea Falls Sandals


Zip Purse for Money, I.D. and Cards (Walmart Cheapo-kept in Ziplock Bag)


Safety Whistle

Small Notebook/Pen

AT Guide (Divided)

Table Placemat for ‘Sit Pad’

Ear Plugs